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When I Was Your Age: Understanding Education in the Modern Age

When I Was Your Age: Understanding Education in the Modern Age

As parents, we work hard to give our children the very best of everything: a wonderful home, quality education, the freedom to learn, discover, think and imagine—all the luxuries of a truly comfortable life.

For aging parents or those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to grow up with the same kind of freedom, our precious gift to our children can seem overwhelming and, at times, a tad too generous.

While our curfews ended at 9, theirs seem to stretch up to midnight; while we delighted in spending hours cooking up Grandma’s old recipe, they lazily order a pizza which arrives in no more than 30 minutes.

Gone are the days of sharing wonderful conversations around the dinner-table, with tablets and smartphones given VIP treatment at every occasion.

Technological intrusion stains the fabric of our relationship with a generation so young, they’ve never heard of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

But love them, we must. And in our attempt to communicate effectively with our offspring, we try to speak their language to the best of our ability.

Facebook, iPhones, texting, emails—we drive ourselves to the brink of insanity as we get further lost in translation. Despite our failure, however, we continue to try—because the times, they truly are a-changin’…

Come Mothers and Fathers, Throughout the Land…

While our children may not be aware of Bob Dylan’s iconic song, his lyrics ring true now more than ever.

As we enter into the technological age, flustered by its agonizing intrusion in every inch of our lives, we wonder just how old we’ve gotten, struggling to send a simple text message to your child, telling them to stay safe.

What’s more frustrating is seeing age-old rituals break down in the face of modern technology—with institutions like education keeping up with the changing pace of the times.

To date, more and more students are applying for overseas education—a tradition that didn’t exist until a few decades ago, prompting our children to follow suit.

“What’s wrong with studying here?” you may argue vociferously.

Technically, nothing.

However, according to NAFSA, studying abroad has proven to offer a lifetime of benefits to students—enriching their academic experience with intercultural understanding, language learning, improved grade point average, as well as increased employability and significant career-building skills.

And if you really wish to give your children the best of everything—start off by sending them to a place that offers the greatest learning opportunities.

As a reputable education consultation company, UCAN Educational Services provides guided counselling to local and international students in attaining quality education overseas.

We take into account your financial status, your children’s qualifications, career aspirations, and potential, and select a college that caters to their academic needs, personal safety and overall wellbeing.

The world may have changed since you were a child, but the power of education still remains strong.

Contact us now and teach your children the significance of embracing change!

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