The UCAN Educational Services Academic Counseling Team is to educate, guide and help to prepare our students to make an informative decision on their academic path.

The mission of the Counseling Department at Ucan Educational is to educate and support students in achieving their educational, career, and personal goals and become proactive participants in our diverse society. All counselors are available to assist and support students to make informative decisions and to establish educational and career goals, to complete an academic plan toward a certificate, degree, and /or university transfer program, to inform students of available resources, to provide information about courses and programs , to evaluate current academic readiness and plan course work to build skills, and to teach students important skills, strategies, and techniques to enhance academic success. In addition, counselors work with students to resolve personal concerns that may interfere with the ability to succeed. 

Preparation is key to getting into the program and school you want. No matter what the end goal is, we’ll help plan out how to go about preparing for it.

If you’re just entering high school, college may seem like it’s a whole lifetime away and you’ll probably change your mind about what field you want to specialize in several times before application season comes around. We make the process a little simpler by preparing you for multiple fields of study so that any last minute change of heart doesn’t mean wasted preparation. Through our initial planning and evaluation process, we will set you on a template course towards the school you want to ultimately attend, and we’ll adapt to meet any concerns or changes of heart that you might have along the way.

Our Canadian Institutions offer an abundance of options this is why we welcome over 650,000 international students on a yearly basis. Our counselors are here to provide you with the options that are best-suited to your academic goals. 

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