International students coming to Canada have several options to consider when it comes to accommodation. One of the main things that we look at, and that will influence where you live is the budget you have reserved for your stay.

Prices can vary according to the type of accommodation you choose and the location you’re based in. You might also want to consider what kind of lifestyle you’re after and any other preferences that could influence your decision.

The Ucan Accommodation Support Team will assist in arranging your accommodation needs. Whether it is our Home stay Program, On-Campus Residence, or Independent housing, we can accommodate you. We know that going to a new country can be a little intimidating, that’s why we, at UCAN make sure that the beginning of your educational journey is a smooth one.


A homestay is an accommodation where you stay with a local family and live with them. In general, it means that you have your own room and depending on the family or your preferences you are becoming an additional family member for the duration of your stay with the family. You do however, have your private room, and your privacy and you are free to do your own thing if you wish. Since most of the hosting families are very welcoming, the service is beyond anything you can get in a hotel.
The host becomes more than a simple provider of the room, they also help and assist you during your stay. You are able to live the typical lifestyle without being separated as you would if living in a hotel, where you would be living like a tourist. The environment of a Homestay with an English speaking family will also improve your English language level.

On- Campus living

Schools and colleges in Canada will offer students the chance to stay in accommodation of their own near to the campus. The dormitory rooms are usually furnished, but quite often the kitchen and bathrooms are shared with other students. The rooms may also be shared, but will be separated by gender.

In some cases, there are meal plans included in the cost of the room. Staying in a dormitory is an ideal way to become involved in campus activities and meet other students. The average cost of a dormitory room is around $6,000 – $10,000 CDN per school year.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation is an option open to students, and costs depend on the location of the premises. This is especially true in the major cities. You can choose to share accommodation with other students in order to keep prices down. The college/university can help in finding roommates that share the room and the costs.

There are different types of places to consider when renting. A house is usually too expensive for one person, but many students choose to share or rent suites. These are a self-contained unit with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. When looking to rent privately, you should also factor in the cost of heat, electricity, and other bills when it comes to planning your budget.

The average cost of shared accommodation in Canada is $250 – $700 CDN monthly. The average cost of a suite is $400 – $1500 CDN monthly.

Please indicate on your UCAN Admissions Application whether you will require accommodation.