Prospective students wishing to study in Canada must first secure admission into a Designated Learning Institute in Canada The Admission process is an extremely important part of the beginning of your higher education goals. Admission requirements vary from school to school and depend on the following factors:

Admission Requirements

Each Institution requires its own admission requirements and standards for entry into their academic programs. Our Admissions Team at UCAN will ensure that each of our applicants are eligible for admission into the study program of their choice. Candidates are encouraged to book a session with one of our Educational Counselors.

Language Requirements

Canada’s two official languages are English and French. To qualify for an academic program, most English-speaking schools may ask students for whom English is not a first language to either pass an English examination test, such as Teaching of English as a Foreign Language test (TOEFL), the IELTS or the Canadian Academic English Language test (CAEL), or enroll in their own language program, or at an ESL partner school.

Application Deadlines

Application deadline vary from Institution to Institution and applications are usually accepted at certain times of the year. We encourage students to apply well-ahead of the intended start date of the academic semester in order to ensure admission into the program of study for the intended academic session.

Academic Year

Universities and colleges in Canada follow the semester system in which an academic year is divided into three Terms:

Fall Term:usually September to December

Winter Term:usually January to April

Spring/Summer break: usually May to August, with short optional spring and/or summer classes in between

Studying English as a second language 

Prospective International Students can study English as a second language if they desire to study in Canada but do not possess TOEFL or IELTS. They can study at private English language Institutes or in most cases the Institution that they intend to attend for their academic program will also offer an English Language program.

Financial Assistance

Individuals who need help to finance their Canadian studies may, as a first step, contact the government of their country of citizenship. There may be scholarships, low-interest loans, or other awards you qualify for.

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