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Educational Process

Our Process is Part of our Winning Strategy

University/College Planning

During this phase, we will assess both the qualities a student has as well as the qualities they are looking for in a college. This will give us the best sense of the direction to aim for and where both the parents and the student would feel most comfortable attending. Likewise, we talk about the concerns and specific situation of the parents and student, collecting documents and required information to begin plans to prepare financially, mentally, and academically for both the application process and the college lifestyle.

Helping select the best colleges is part of our process.

After the initial meetings, we take a look at what impressions we’ve gained from our time with the student and we get to work on drawing up options and routes to present to the student and their family. We walk through these options in great detail and explain exactly what would be needed in order to attend each institution, and then we amend the list to include any changes the families want made. Once the groundwork is laid out, we get to work practicing for interviews, completing the application, writing essays, and rounding out the preparation process until the family is as confident as we are that the student will be accepted.


With our professional backgrounds and work experience, we have drafted our own evaluation tests that we use to get a well-rounded idea of what a student’s strengths and weaknesses are. These initial tests help us lay the foundation for the rest of the planning process, and when they’re paired with our career assessment screening tools we can help advise the student on how best to navigate high school with specific long-term career goals in minds. Aside from maximizing their chances for college admittance, it imparts lifelong planning skills that are rarely learned through a normal high school education.