Canada is the fastest growing economy and provides a huge opportunity for all potential students to craft their carrier with the rapid economy. As a matter of fact, Canada welcomes more than 3 lack students yearly on the land from across the world. There are a lot of registered educational institutions, providing extensive courses for both short and long term tenure.

Hence, if you want to mold your carrier with the best Canadian educational institution then first you have to apply for a Canadian study permit. Once you get the approval of the study visa in Canada, a foreign national can study in Canada for a specified period.

Now let’s discuss some essential elements of study permit to Canada.


To start with the discussion, it is essential to have a clear idea about the process in question. For the purpose of acquiring knowledge, be it professional, academic or vocational, at a university designated by the Canadian federal government. You will first need to apply for a study permit. Upon approval of the same, you will be allowed to study in Canada for a specific period of time for a particular course.

Even though you will need to get your temporary study visa approved before stepping into the Canadian soil. Yet there are some exceptions as well, for instance, if the course you are choosing is no longer than 6 months then you don’t have to wait to apply for a visa.


You can apply from anywhere outside the Canadian soil. You can directly go to the office that provides the visa service of the authority body.

However, along with your application, you must add the original later of acceptance. The institution should be recognized by the Canadian government. And the valid proof of your identity, also you need to prove that you are financially stable to handle the study cost in Canada.

When you step into the Canadian land you need to satisfy some facts to the Canadian border service agency. They will verify all the details provided by you. Such as:

  • The letter of your introduction directly from the visa office.
  • You need to show your passport and other valid travel documents
  • Letter issues as acceptance from the Canadian institution
  • You have proved your financial stability or you can handle your expanse in the Canadian soil

These are essential criteria you need to match while applying for the student visa in Canada. To ease up the process further you can take help from temporary visas consultation in Stouffville.