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Engage with our professional Admissions Team to access your best Study Abroad experience. Ucan Educational Services was founded in 1999 and is a member of NAFSA, ICEF and OACAC. Our many years of experience has contributed to our success as a leader in International Student Services.


Walk through the college admissions process step-by-step with you and your child.


There are financial, mental, and emotional struggles that accompany the journey to higher education.


Our job is to make sure you’re entirely prepared for the challenge.

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Our Package

  • Insights for students

    Initial Consultation with the student/and or parent.

  • Enrollment 2013 – 2014

    Advise and guide student/and or parent on all academic documents required.

  • Academic Divisions

    Evaluation of student’s academic credentials.

  • Student Campuses

    Ongoing counseling and support to students related to their studies or other matters.

  • Founding Dates

    Complete University/College Admission Letter.

  • Senior Administrators

    Assist and advise on financial matters for duration of educational program.

  • Financial aid

    Essay writing where required, suitable to the student’s personality and career goals.

  • Full-time personnel

    Student Visa assistance (for our international students).

  • Libraries

    Communicate on behalf of the student with potential University/College.

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UCAN Educational Services to get an Academic Evaluation to help you study abroad.