Any student who dreams to study abroad will surely have Canada in the list of favored countries. A fast-growing economy, Canada is known for its progressive educational policies. The country has some of the best and most noted educational institutions and is a great place to build a successful career.

Every year a significant number of students visit Canada to continue their higher studies. However, that requires study permits for students in Stouffville.  If you dream of the same then here you will get all the details.


Overseas students, who want to pursue their educational career in Canada, need to apply for a Canadian student permit. It allows them to stay in the country while attending a certain course or program. As per the rules, one does not need to apply for a study permit if the duration of the educational course is six months or less. But it is better to apply for one so that in case you plan to extend your stay there is no problem. While studying many people decide to continue their studies or go for a different course. Once you have a valid study permit issued by the Canadian authorities, there is no need to leave to apply for a permit.


If you are interested in studying in Canada, then you need to either apply for a student permit first. You can do it online or by paper. Applying online makes it easy and the application is processed faster. The on-paper application takes a long time, so it is best to stick to the online option.

The online application process requires a set of rules and regulations put forward by the Canadian Immigration authorities:

  • First, the applicant needs to furnish a standard letter of acceptance from a recognized institute or university/.
  • Second, you need to obtain a student visa application package. You can get that from the CIC website or you can contact the Canadian Embassy or consulate or your local visa office. To get the application package the applicant needs to answer certain questions. These questions will deem the applicant eligible for the Canadian study permit.
  • In case you are from a designated country, you need to get a temporary residence permit.
  • If the applicant is eligible he/she will be notified to submit the application online.
  • You need to attach all the required documents mentioned on the rules and regulations.
  • After all, is done and submitter the applicant might get a call for an interview from the local visa office.

These are the basics of applying for study permits for students in Stouffville, Canada. It can be tiring and complex to acquire a permit for study. That’s why it is best to hire an immigration professional best suited for the job.