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Welcome to UCAN Educational Services

Study Abroad International Student Services

UCAN Canadian Educational Services is a powerful resource for students who wish to study abroad.

Canadian International Student Services

Life in college is affected by more than just grades. There are financial, mental, and emotional struggles that accompany the journey to higher education.  Our job is to make sure you're entirely prepared for the challenge.

A lot of planning goes into preparing for college, in addition to the logistics of everything that comes after, and that's why it's so important to get an early start on the process.

With our combined expertise and experience, we're here to remove as many obstacles as possible on the road to the college life you want to have.

We look forward to offering our services to students that are interested to study abroad in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and selected European countries. Our Admissions Advisors are ready to consult with you for any of the countries mentioned, or you may click on the flags above for more information.

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Helena Michaelides
Director, Senior Counsellor
Phone: +905-591-0925

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Helena Michaelides

Director, Senior Counsellor
84 Alderwood Street,
Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, L4A 5E4
Phone: +905-591-0925

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