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About Us

Founded in 1999 UCAN Educational Services offers over 15 years of educational consulting experience. As a member of Nafsa, ICEF and OACAC, UCAN Education is focused on local and International Students.

UCAN Education has partnered with a large number of higher Institutions in Canada, USA, UK, Australia as well as several European countries, who welcome qualified serious students.

Why choose UCAN Educational Services for your Study Abroad Experience?

The UCAN Education dynamic admissions team will fully screen and consult each of our applicants and qualify them for admission into their program of choice, And let’s not stop there, we will also carry out their Student Visa process as well as arrange for their Accommodation and Airport Pick-Up. “The safety and success of our students is our number 1 priority”, says Helen.

The Toronto office of UCAN Education is a microcosm of the world in which the staff works. “We have a multicultural environment with multilingual staff members, including myself.” Helen, lived in Europe for eight years, where she established the first UCAN Education office. Helen was also a representative of a Canadian Immigration firm in Eastern Europe and the Middle East and is an expert on the Student Visa process along with other areas of immigration.

“I have gained exposure to many cultures when I traveled to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I will never forget the seminars that I conducted in India, Cyprus, Dubai, Syria, England, the list goes on…. The experience was invaluable in establishing and running my own International Student Consulting and Recruiting business.”

“We are proud of our high success rate in Admissions” says Helen. “This is due to our dedicated work ethic, integrity and the fact that we care about the well-being and success of our students”

Having this experience in the field gives our advice and counseling weight in wisdom. Having both been students going through the college search process ourselves as well as making a profession out of it later in life, both sides of the fence are well-known territory for us. We understand that choosing a college isn’t only about getting into the school with the right name—it’s about getting into the school with the right fit. We use our experience to not only help you and your children uncover what would fit them best but to also walk them through the process of making a school be what fits them.