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Who We Are and What We Do

Founded in 1999, Ucan Educational Services is an educational firm offering a complete range of educational services for the local and International student. Ucan is owned and operated by Educational Consultants, who recognized the need for their services amongst theInternational and local student community. This demand for their services triggered the desire to offer their expertise
in the field of student services and recruitment. Ucan’s partnerships with many educational institutes worldwide has made it possible for them to offer options to students to further their studies in their desired field of study.


Our Mission

To help all students reach their full potential and their goals by providing professional educational advice and career guidance. Ucan’s Academic Advisors will always be available to answer all student inquiries no matter which part of the world they are calling from or whatever their circumstances.


Student Recruitment

Through the years of experience and analysis, Ucan has developed a tried and tested solution to the most prevalent obstacle faced by educational institutions – StudentRecruitment.
Our solution is at the core of our EnrolmentManagement Process. We locate potential students and
promptly identify their needs and find solutions to those needs. We offer our students several Study destinations, with options including but not limited to Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Cyprus a or any country of their personal choice.


Why choose UCAN Educational Services for your Study Abroad Experience?

The UCAN Education dynamic admissions team will fully screen and consult each applicant and qualify them for admission into their program of choice, as well as complete their Study permit process, arrange for their Accommodation and Airport Pick-Up. The safety and success of their students is their number 1 priority.

The Toronto office of UCAN Education is a microcosm of the world in which the staff works with a multicultural environment and multilingual staff members.


Some Words of Wisdom

“Having this experience in the field gives our advice and counseling weight in wisdom. Having both been students going through the college search process ourselves as well as making a profession out of it later in life, both sides of the fence are well-known territory for us. We understand that choosing a college isn’t only about getting into the school with the right name, it’s also about getting into the school with the right fit. We use our experience to help you and your children uncover what would fit them best. “