Canada is accepting and processing Canada Student Visa applications, however, there may be some delays due to COVID-19.

The number of international students studying in Canada is over 650,000, a figure that is constantly growing. Many of these students are choosing Canada over other potential destinations, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and France, because of the amazing opportunities that the Canadian government is offering International students to study , live work in Canada and eventually immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis.

Average processing time for Study Permits

Generally , Study Permits are processed within 10-12 weeks. The duration commences from the time that IRCC receives the application package until a decision is made on the file.

Processing times depend on the following:

  • the type of application submitted
  • if the application is complete
  • how quickly we expect to process applications we’ve already received
  • how easily we can verify your information
  • how long you take to respond to any requests or concerns

Inside vs Outside Canada Student Visa Processing Time

There are two types of study permits: Inside and Outside. To qualify for the inside study permits, you must be applying within Canada as a temporary resident (visitor or student). The outside study permit applies to those applying for a study permit outside of Canada.

Applying from inside Canada will average 11 weeks for your application to be approved.

Applying from outside of Canada will average 9 weeks for your study application to be approved.

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