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I was introduced to UCAN Educational Services , by a family friend who recommended the organisation to handle my admission and visa process, so we decided to go for UCAN amidst other options.

UCAN did an incredible job, got me accepted to a good university and helped with the documents submitted to the embassy and the while came out fine. I am now in Canada and have already commenced my studies.

Thank you UCAN Educational Services.

Paul Taiwo, NIGERIA

It is a great pleasure to have this connection with Ucan Educational Services. Once I got in contact with them and signed the agreement letter the process started immediately and in less than two weeks I got my acceptance letter. It was too good to be true because I have tried getting admissions in Canada on my own but it wasn’t easy. It did not end at that they worked with me to complete my documents which were to be sent to the Embassy. In less than two weeks I was called by the Embassy to do my medical examination. Ucan Educational Services did not end at that they contacted the Embassy to find out if I was approved and the next day I got an approval letter from the Embassy. This is an amazing service. I advise everyone to seize this opportunity. Ucan Educational Services is a no stress, fast, sure, easy going and of course success.

Lebika Christelle, CAMEROON

It is my pleasure to express my view about Ucan Educational Services. They helped me with their great efforts and made everything easy to achieve my goal. They explained everything carefully and due to this everything went very smooth and perfect. I received my acceptance letter within 2 weeks and my visa 2 weeks after that. I am on my way to Canada. From my behalf, I would like to recommend to everybody, please do not hesitate to contact Ucan Educational Services. For further studies. I am sure that they will make your dreams come true.

Benipal Sikander Singh, INDIA

I am deeply grateful to Ucan educational services, for their help with my Canadian Admission to as well as the Canadian Student Visa process. Their assistance made everything so much easier and I was able to come into Canada without hassles. Ucan’s services have proven to be very reliable and efficient as I was able to get my Student Visa within a short period of time. This was also followed up by accommodation arrangements and constant checking up just to make sure I was comfortable. I really appreciate their efforts and would recommend them any day.

Deborah Okafor, NIGERIA

I Usman Sarwar pay my deep appreciations and thanks to Ucan Educational Services for their assistance and help in getting my student visa. I consider their presence very valuable and owe them a lot. I pray for their success in all endeavors and wish all the best to my fellow students.

Muhammad Usman Sarwar, PAKISTAN

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to UCAN Educational Services for their assistance in my admission to an excellent university in Canada as well as obtaining my Student Visa. I could not have done it without them. The process was very quick and their support was always there. I was kept updated on everything that they did for me from beginning until the end of my process. I am now in Canada and have already started my studies in Canada.

Damilola Babalola, NIGERIA

Hi People, I’m Richard Ansah from Ghana. With the help of Ucan Enterprises Ltd. I was able to transfer to a reputable university abroad. Ucanstudy chose the right school for me and I had my acceptance letter in 2 weeks. More importantly they helped me to get my student visa. I am very grateful to them.

Richard Ansah, GHANA

I am so thankful that you can help me to get admission and the student visa to Canada successfully. I will not forget that you took such great responsibility to prepare my materials for the Canadian Embassy,. With your service I get the visa in a very short period of time. Now I am going to the beautiful country and to get better education there. I am very grateful that you helped to have this chance. Thank you very much !!

Shen Yonghui, CHINA

It is with great pleasure that I make this Testimonial for Ucan Educational Services

They helped me throughout my application process and I received my Acceptance letter into the program of my choice and My Study Permit. Ucan took care of everything, and I am very grateful to them.


I want to thank Ucan Educational Services for their excellent service and for the care they showed towards my application process.

Vutam Doc, VIETNAM
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